Theah Update

Apologies for the delay in the release of the Novus Ordum Mundi eBook, but it is hoped that this much anticipated resource will be available only through this website before the end of June. We are also looking at a number of other smaller updates in the coming weeks, starting now with a list of movie inspirations annotated by 7th Sea writers in the Resources section. The next major eBook resource is to be ‘Montaigne Restoration’ in August followed by ‘Midnight Archipelago II – Islands of Plunder’ in October.

The Conspiracy Revealed

The wait is over as the much anticipated Novus Ordum Mundi eBook is released in the Resources section. Written for Game Masters only, it details the members and operations of the architect of the new Theah.

Theah Update (Part 2)

After the sucess of Novus Ordum Mundi and in a slight change of plans, we present the Noblesse Oblige ebook (4 MB PDF) written by Andrew Peregrine. This hefty text details everything you ever wanted to know about the courtly life of Theah. Also we are pleased to return to the series of official fictions written by Dana DeVries and Vicki Kirchhoff-Martin with the first in a series of Explorer tales in the Midnight Archipelago, Surprise Visit which can be found in Fiction.

7th Sea Goes Electronic

A large number of 7th Sea and Swashbuckling Adventures books are now available at including many out of print
titles, such as the Pirate Nations and Swordsman’s Guild.

All eBooks are searchable and most are true PDF format, those that are still Scanned Image are slowly being converted over to this better and more economic format. Theus guide you

5 signs to have a gallery roof repaired

House Slates Roof. Roofing Works. Modern House Roof Closeup.

A new flat or shingle roof installed properly is beautiful, but it also provides the much-needed protection for the interior of a gallery from weather elements especially rainwater. If they are of good quality and are properly installed, these roofs can provide this protection for as long as 20 years. However, over time, roofs suffer damage that often results in leaks.

When leaks occur in a gallery roof, the interior can be exposed, and in severe cases, other property can be damaged. If the space in question is a gallery, it is imperative that you ensure the art pieces are fully protected. This is especially necessary because the gallery features valuable pieces of art from different artists. The overall appearance of the gallery should also be that of a well-maintained space. Leakage resulting from a damaged roof can cause a build-up of moisture that can severely damage the pieces on display. Inconsistent humidity and temperature levels can also damage the walls and exhibition panels. This makes it necessary to identify damage and get the gallery roof repaired early. Here are a few signs of damage.

1. Cracked, curled or missing shingles

A shingle roof can over time be worn out. When these develop cracks, are curled, or some shingles are missing, it is time to call the roof repair guy or if you like DIY, repair the roof yourself. The extent of the damage will likely inform this decision since if the number of shingles damaged is large; the gallery may require a new roof.

2. Discolored patches and mold

Water stains and in some cases patches of mold in the gallery, especially on the ceiling, is an obvious indicator that your roof needs repairs. Different areas of the roof might be damaged; allowing water to pass through. After sometime, noticeable stains and signs of rotting appear on ceilings. Moisture being absorbed by the mat in shingle roofs that are organic-based also leads to noticeable rotting of the roof. Further, a leak helps create a favourable environment for mold to grow so after some time you may notice patches of it growing. When these signs appear, you should get the roof repaired ASAP.

3. Clogged gutters

Shingle roof surfaces usually have a stony upper layer with granules that protect the shingles. Over time, and as the shingle roof is subjected to foot traffic, these granules can come loose. Shingles may also break or come off when there are high winds. These may find their way into the gutters. If you notice shingle pieces and granules collecting in the rain gutters, it’s probably time to inspect and repair your roof.

4. Sagging roof

old roof repairThis can be visible on the outside or the inside. A quick look in the attic can tell you if your roof has water damage. A roof deck that is sagging can be a sign a water-damaged or rotting roof that needs repairs or replacement.

5. Sunlight showing through the roof

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New Game Recommendation: Wicked the Game

Just a quick recommendation for you guys that are interested in online games as well as live games.  If you are interested in Wicked the Musical (one of the most popular shows on broadway), this might be for you.  It’s a game based on the musical, i.e. Wicked the Game.

It’s based in Android so you can play on the bus or train or whatever.  It’s pretty interesting, I’d give it a try, you might be suprised how quickly it sucks you in.  If you are unsure of the plot of the show, you might also considering seeing the musical or reading the book.


Theah Revisited

Coming this Christmas, the first in a new line of 7th Sea ebooks detailing all the events that have transpired in the nations of Theah over the long recess. Starting with The Rise and Fall of Luthon and Montaigne Restoration the free resources written by a number of well-known names from the 7th Sea community will work through all the nations, adding new information, rules, NPCs, plot hooks and full blown adventures.

Novus Ordum Mundi Online

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing the Adventures that were originally published in the Novus Ordum Mundi magazine. This was a fan club designed for Game Masters of the original 7th Sea line. The club was closed shortly after the end of the Card Game and these adventures have been hard to locate ever since. Corrected in parts and with extracts from early sourcebooks to aid in running them, they are the first in a series of older resources being made available for 7th Sea and Swashbuckling Adventures.

Once you play the adventure, check out the threads in the official Forums to give your feedback and perhaps influence the development of the metastory of Theah itself.

Mark Stanton Woodward
7th Sea / SBA Brand Manager
[email protected]

  • Release 1: Unstable Ground (Adventure 638kb)
  • Release 2: For Sake of Change (Adventure, 252kb)
  • Release 3: Villanova’s Rose (Adventure, 349kb)
  • Release 4: Flames In The Night (Adventure, 390kb)
  • Release 5: Wheels Within Wheels (Adventure, 433kb)

Rapier’s Edge

cover_rapiersedgeAdventure Lies at the End of a Blade!
SKU #AEG 8560
SRP $24.95
FORMAT: 144 pages, B/W, Perfect bound

Available now!
The world of Théah was made for adventure. In the streets of Montaigne, a revolution gone mad claims hundreds of victims, each crying for a savior. In the heart of Eisen, an ancient evil stirs, waiting for someone brave enough to challenge it. On the waves of the western seas there’s danger and excitement a’plenty for bold ships to claim glory beyond measure. This world needs heroes willing to seize the reins of destiny, heroes who do not wait for others to act but set a course of their own choosing. Are you one of them? Draw your weapon and see what fortune lies on the sharp edge of your blade!

Rapier’s Edge™ is a collection of exciting role-playing adventures set in the land of Théah. It contains both ready-to-play scenarios and dozens of quick plot hooks just waiting to be filled out. For fans of the 7th Sea/Swashbuckling Adventures™ universe — and anyone in need of a swift jolt of imagination — this book contains what you need!

Rapier’s Edge™ includes:


  • A collection of complete adventures, fully developed and ready to play!
  • Plot seeds and adventure hooks that will take you across Théah!
  • A new live-action scenario: Giovanni Villanova’s Grand Ball!
  • An update to Théah’s timeline, outlining developments to 1675!
  • Completely compatible with both the d20™ system and the classic 7th Sea™ System.


Knights and Musketeers

cover_knights_musketeersAll for one and one for all!
SKU #8559
SRP $24.95
FORMAT: 96 pages, B/W, Perfect bound
In days gone by, brave knights protected the innocent, battling the forces of evil with mighty weapons and chivalric code. Those days are gone… but there are still men and women who carry on that noble tradition. Don the tabard of the Musketeers and learn what it means to fight alongside them. The dark and the wicked shall fear your blade, for none serve justice so fiercely as the Musketeers.

  • Details and rules for numerous bands of Musketeers – from the defunct Montaigne guard to the fearless Knights of Elaine – as well as their dark antitheses, the Black Tabards.
  • New skills and background information, suitable for use in any campaign.
  • Completely compatible with both the d20 system and 7th Sea’s classic roll-and-keep rules.