Best Alcohol to Calorie Ratio

There has never been a research that has shown alcoholic beverages to have any nutrient value. Instead, they are always high in calories which only makes those drinking it gain more calories in the body.

Any alcoholic beverage contains more calories than proteins or carbohydrates per ounce. And when alcoholic beverages are consumed alongside high-calorie foods, one ends up eating more calories than they would have if they had chosen to eat the food accompanied by a non-alcoholic beverage.

However, if you are someone who drinks alcoholic beverages, it is important to choose your drinks wisely as some have the best alcohol to calorie ratio than others.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, wine and beer have the lowest number of calories compared to other drinks. Light beers, red and white wine tend to have less calories compared to regular beers and dessert wines. The latter has twice the number of calories found in light beers as well as in both red and white wine.

On the other hand, hard liquor has more calories when compared to beer or wine. For each ounce of fluid of 80-proof distilled spirit found in vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin, has 64 calories which bring the typical serving close to 96 calories. The reason hard liquors tend to have more calories is due to the fact that they have more sugar.

If you thought hard liquors end the list of the alcoholic beverages with a high calorie, that’s not the case. Mixed drinks have a higher calorie number than any other alcoholic drink. Alcoholic beverages should be consumed moderately and by persons above the legal drinking age.

Tips to Help Adventurers Find Cost-Effective Limo Services

Tips to Help Adventurers Find Cost-Effective Limo Services

It is true that limo services Cleveland are not cheap. They cost a lot of money. For example, most times clients pay $100 or more for hiring a limo for one hour. However, you can find ways of saving money. For adventurers, part of the adventure revolves around paying less. Spending as little money as possible enriches your experience.
Hiring a limo need not leave you financially broke. It is possible to find cost-effective ways of enjoying this marvelous experience. Below is what you should do.

First, begin looking for a limo early enough. Planning ahead increases your likelihood of finding the kind of limo you need. You can find a cheaper limo if you have more time to search. People who wait until the last minute to begin their search often end up paying more than they can afford.
Planning also involves shopping around. Get quotations from various companies and compare them. Never compare apples with oranges though. Compare companies providing the same services. Compare similar types of limo services. While shopping around, look at pricing, quality of service, the condition of the limos, and safety records.

Sharing the cost is an excellent way of enjoying amazing limo services at cost-effective rates. Ask family, friends, and colleagues to partner with you. Split the cost of hiring the limo with them. Similarly, do not be too stubborn to refuse taking advice from other people. They probably see a better deal elsewhere than what

you have.
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Roofing decisions for homeowners


Roofing styles have changed over the years leaving home owners with a large variety to choose from. Home owners have to decide on the roofing design and materials to use. They also have to find the right roofing experts to install new roofs and repair them when they are damaged.

New styles such as eco-shake, solar shingles, and concrete tile roofing are becoming popular. Green roofs are also being installed owing to benefits such as extended life, waterproofing, noise insulation and lower energy consumption due to insulation. Challenging, flamboyant works of great architects have been designed as well, while time tested roofing designs are still in existence. Popular designs among homeowners include flat roofs which are the simplest type but require good waterproofing.

The more adventurous homeowners often go for the shade roof despite the odd shape created in rooms. Other styles include bonnet, gable, pyramid, gambrel, curved, and domed roofs. There’s also a variety of roofing materials to choose from including clay tiles, rubber, slate wood, metal, asphalt and composite roofs.

roofing-decisions-homeownersA homeowner’s choice of roofing style and material depends on the desired appearance of the house, their budget, and whether they want attic space among other factors. Once a homeowner has settled on the design and roofing material, they have to find the right person for the installation and/or repair job since different roofers are experts in installing and repairing different roofing styles.
Regardless of whether you have a simple flat metal roof or something inspired by some swashbuckling adventures, it is important to seek repair services from the right people when damages occur. It is even more important if you have a complex roof design but don’t have the roof repair expertise to undertake DIY roofing project. Those who have ever needed a roofer in brooklyn to provide roofing services especially in emergencies know the importance of having a trusted roofer to call. Here are a number of things to remember when looking for the right person for your roofing needs.


Word of mouth is a powerful way of finding services you need. If you need a roofer especially if it is an emergency and you don’t have time to vet several candidates, asking your friends, neighbors and family is a quick way to find one. Other sources of references could include the yellow pages and trade union sites/offices.


Although it is important that the roof repair or replacement job fit within your budget, it important to get the best quality of service. Therefore, never let cost be your only deciding factor because failing to consider other factors can leave you vulnerable to roofers who may provide cheap service but leave you with regret.

Due diligence

Once you’ve found a few candidates, you need to vet each one. Try to gauge their roofing expertise and find out if they have repaired or replaced your type of roof before. Check the references provided. You should also conduct research to ascertain their liability insurance and licensure status, get an address and identification details. It is also important to sign a detailed contract with the roofer; covering the cost of the service, mode and time of payment, work schedule, responsibilities of each party including site cleanup, and other contract terms. You should also seek clarification whenever you have questions. This will not only keep you informed in the process; it will also help you detect undesirable qualities such as impatience and evasiveness.

New Game Recommendation: Wicked the Game

Just a quick recommendation for you guys that are interested in online games as well as live games.  If you are interested in Wicked the Musical (one of the most popular shows on broadway), this might be for you.  It’s a game based on the musical, i.e. Wicked the Game.

It’s based in Android so you can play on the bus or train or whatever.  It’s pretty interesting, I’d give it a try, you might be suprised how quickly it sucks you in.  If you are unsure of the plot of the show, you might also considering seeing the musical or reading the book.


Theah Update

Apologies for the delay in the release of the Novus Ordum Mundi eBook, but it is hoped that this much anticipated resource will be available only through this website before the end of June. We are also looking at a number of other smaller updates in the coming weeks, starting now with a list of movie inspirations annotated by 7th Sea writers in the Resources section. The next major eBook resource is to be ‘Montaigne Restoration’ in August followed by ‘Midnight Archipelago II – Islands of Plunder’ in October.

The Conspiracy Revealed

The wait is over as the much anticipated Novus Ordum Mundi eBook is released in the Resources section. Written for Game Masters only, it details the members and operations of the architect of the new Theah.

Theah Update (Part 2)

After the sucess of Novus Ordum Mundi and in a slight change of plans, we present the Noblesse Oblige ebook (4 MB PDF) written by Andrew Peregrine. This hefty text details everything you ever wanted to know about the courtly life of Theah. Also we are pleased to return to the series of official fictions written by Dana DeVries and Vicki Kirchhoff-Martin with the first in a series of Explorer tales in the Midnight Archipelago, Surprise Visit which can be found in Fiction.

7th Sea Goes Electronic

A large number of 7th Sea and Swashbuckling Adventures books are now available at including many out of print
titles, such as the Pirate Nations and Swordsman’s Guild.

All eBooks are searchable and most are true PDF format, those that are still Scanned Image are slowly being converted over to this better and more economic format. Theus guide you

Theah Revisited

Coming this Christmas, the first in a new line of 7th Sea ebooks detailing all the events that have transpired in the nations of Theah over the long recess. Starting with The Rise and Fall of Luthon and Montaigne Restoration the free resources written by a number of well-known names from the 7th Sea community will work through all the nations, adding new information, rules, NPCs, plot hooks and full blown adventures.

Novus Ordum Mundi Online

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing the Adventures that were originally published in the Novus Ordum Mundi magazine. This was a fan club designed for Game Masters of the original 7th Sea line. The club was closed shortly after the end of the Card Game and these adventures have been hard to locate ever since. Corrected in parts and with extracts from early sourcebooks to aid in running them, they are the first in a series of older resources being made available for 7th Sea and Swashbuckling Adventures.

Once you play the adventure, check out the threads in the official Forums to give your feedback and perhaps influence the development of the metastory of Theah itself.

Mark Stanton Woodward
7th Sea / SBA Brand Manager
[email protected]

  • Release 1: Unstable Ground (Adventure 638kb)
  • Release 2: For Sake of Change (Adventure, 252kb)
  • Release 3: Villanova’s Rose (Adventure, 349kb)
  • Release 4: Flames In The Night (Adventure, 390kb)
  • Release 5: Wheels Within Wheels (Adventure, 433kb)