7th Sea CCG

7th Sea CCG

“No quarter asked and no quarter given!”

The 7th Sea card game may be discontinued, but the adventures continue with a large back catalogue of cards and player base throughout the world. The various factions of Théah vie for control of the seas, either for the glory of their mother nation or for the lure of wealth and power. Into this fray steps a number of secret organisations and societies, using the politics and personas to move forward their own agendas.

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image001The live of a sailor is never easy, and with so much at stake, mercy is rarely an option. Many things motivate the courageous men and women who sail the seas of Théah – sovereignty, freedom, justice, wealth, power, the secrets of the past – and perhaps even the fate of mankind’s future. Wielding cutlass, rapier, pistol, musket and cannon, they fight for what they want and believe in. Many end up in a watery grave, but those who survive become Heroes.

Details : 323 Cards with starter decks for the Brotherhood, Castille, Crimson Rogers, Explorers, Montaigne and Sea Dogs

image002The battle to control the seas of Théah rages o­n! As Guy McCormick continues to search for his lost wife, the wily Sea Dogs steal a fabulous treasure from Reis’s Crimson Rogers. The Brotherhood of the Coast dodges both the Castillian armada and the clever traps of Montaigne’s General, while beneath the waves, hidden forces draw near, hoping to turn the tide o­ne way or another. Join Phillip Gosse and his gentlemam priates as they travel in search of o­ne last adventure. Cruise the seas of the Crescent Empire with the fanatical Kheired-Din. Learn deadly new schools of fighting and ply the foamy brine in search of everlasting glory.

Details : 161 cards with starter decks for Gosse and Corsairs

image003Come aboard and sail the Seven Seas of Theah, a world of swashbuckling and derring-do, noble sorcerers and secret orders of adventurers. Relics from ancient civilizations await discovery by the scholarly Explorers’ Society, or by treasure-hunting pirates. Join the ranks of Theah’s most notorious sailors as they battle for control of the Seven Seas.

Details : 6 new Fixed cards in starter decks for the Brotherhood, Castille, Crimson Rogers, Explorers, Montaigne and Sea Dogs

image004The Sea can give and the sea can take away. As mighty navies clash, destinies are reborn upon the cresting waves. Admiral Orduño rises to avenge his country’s honor while the Crimson Rogers hunt down the one man bold enough to challenge them. The Brotherhood faces its greatest test as the General’s cannons finally find them. From the northern ocean come the savage Vesten Raiders, looting and pillaging all that they can find. One captain is lost, and another seizes the key to an ancient mystery. And as the conflict spreads to every corner of the Seven Seas, ominous warnings surface of things that should not be…

Details : 161 cards with starter decks for Montaigne and Vesten

image005The open waves run red with blood as the 7th Sea CCG continues. Berek is gone, drowned by Captain Reis, but the Sea Dogs find a new captain in Bloody Bonnie McGee, who leads them on a quest for vengeance against his killer. McCormick’s Explorers cross swords with the dreaded Corsairs as Jorund Guttormson plots a black betrayal of the Vesten Raiders. Admiral Orduno continues his fight to free Castille from the invading Montaigne, while the General learns that money cannot erase ties of loyalty. The fate witch Alesio sets the Hanged Man on a new course, but to destroy it or save it, even she cannot say. And from the darkest corner of the ocean come rumors of a vessel long forgotten—a vessel said to be guided by the hands of the dead…

Details : 161 cards with starter decks for Crimson Rogers and Sea Dogs

image006From Legion’s pit it comes, piloted by the rotting hands of the damned. Its sails are black as the grave, its crew the bloated corpses of a hundred drowned pirates. The Black Freighter has risen from the halls of the dead; may Theus have mercy on the living. This special expansion contains an all-new faction for the 7th Sea CCG — the haunted nightmare known as the Black Freighter. Players now have the opportunity to captain a crew of the undead, using any of over fifty new cards to send the living to the bottom. The seas of Théah will never be the same now that the Black Sails have been unfurled!

Details : 54 cards in two Fixed packs

image007Destiny has her price, and the strands of fate can be defied for only so long. As dark dreams trouble Théah’s sleep, her ships’ crews learn the cost of their folly. Captain Allende falls to a brutal betrayal and the Brotherhood must look to a new captain to find him. The General contemplates treachery of his own, while Bonnie McGee continues her quest for vengeance against the Crimson Rogers. Castille suffers a new wave of Montaigne brutality as Philip Gosse discovers the ghosts of his past aboard an undead vessel. And while Kheired-Din seeks the final keys to his destiny, his rag-tag captives launch a daring escape — led by a sorcerous pilot with a mission of his own. The trap draws closed… fate’s debt must be paid.

Details : 161 cards with starter decks for Brotherhood and Corsairs

image008The tide draws closer to a final confrontation on the high seas of Theah. Countless threads, disparate and wild, are slowly pulling together, forming a pattern that only a mad fate witch can see. One crew will mutiny and another will reform under a chastened leader. Weary from Vesten depredations, the Vendel Merchant Guilds send a traitorous captain to sink the Revensj once and for all…but Yngvild Olafsdottir has plans of her own. The General seeks to reclaim his honor while Valoix plots a decisive end to the Montaigne-Castillian war. Admiral Orduno learns the price of crossing the Inquisition, leaving his wife to face a terrible choice alone. Nicole Cowbey confronts her husband’s killer while the Crimson Rogers discover the potential key to destroying Bonnie McGee. And across the continent, mystics and seers wake up screaming with a single phrase on their lips: “The Island of the Sunken Eye.”

Details : 161 cards with starter decks for Castille and Vesten

image009It has lain beneath the waves for untold millenia, an inhuman engine of power and magic: Cabora, the Island of the Sunken Eye. It has haunted the dreams of lost Explorers and shattered the vision of Théah’s mystics. Guy McCormick believes it holds the secret of his missing wife. Reis thinks it can destroy his dogged rival. Kheired-Din thinks it holds the key to Theus himself. But all have sought it, and all have been turned back…until now. The switch has been found. The last piece is in place. The Island will rise – and all of Théah will tremble in its shadow.

Details : 115 cards with starter decks for Explorers and Gosse

image010The isle of Cabora has risen and all of Théah trembles in its shadow. The factions which have fought so hard among themselves now converge up the sunken island, each hoping to seize its mystic power. Captain Reis and Bonnie McGee meet one final time amid Cabora’s haunted towers, sealing their enmity in hatred and blood. The Revensj finds its destiny in the midst of the Mirror, while Philip Gosse faces his darkest fears aboard the Black Freighter. Across the ocean, Admiral Valoix forces a decisive showdown with the Castillian Armada, hoping to end the war once and for all. McCormick finally learns his wife’s fate, as a new vessel appears from the waves of a doomed city. Within the depths of the island, Kheired-Din completes his apocalyptic destiny… and a mad fate witch changes the course of history. An iron shadow has fallen over Théah. When it rises, a new world shall be revealed.

Details : 623 cards with starter decks for all factions

image011Cabora’s rise has turned Théah on its ear. Heroic crews bring stories of the Sunken Eye, of strange new artifacts… and of a great barrier now fallen. Hidden secret societies stir themselves to action, while a mighty revolution engulfs the most powerful nation in the world — changing rulers to outlaws and drenching the streets with blood. While the courts of Montaigne turn upside down and ancient conspiracies make their presence known, all eyes focus on the western seas. What wonders can be found beyond the setting sun? And who will be brave enough to seek them out?

Details : 169 cards with starter decks for Brotherhood and Montaigne