Roofing decisions for homeowners

Roofing styles have changed over the years leaving home owners with a large variety to choose from. Home owners have to decide on the roofing design and materials to use. They also have to find the right roofing experts to install new roofs and repair them when they are damaged.

New styles such as eco-shake, solar shingles, and concrete tile roofing are becoming popular. Green roofs are also being installed owing to benefits such as extended life, waterproofing, noise insulation and lower energy consumption due to insulation. Challenging, flamboyant works of great architects have been designed as well, while time tested roofing designs are still in existence. Popular designs among homeowners include flat roofs which are the simplest type but require good waterproofing.

The more adventurous homeowners often go for the shade roof despite the odd shape created in rooms. Other styles include bonnet, gable, pyramid, gambrel, curved, and domed roofs. There’s also a variety of roofing materials to choose from including clay tiles, rubber, slate wood, metal, asphalt and composite roofs.

roofing-decisions-homeownersA homeowner’s choice of roofing style and material depends on the desired appearance of the house, their budget, and whether they want attic space among other factors. Once a homeowner has settled on the design and roofing material, they have to find the right person for the installation and/or repair job since different roofers are experts in installing and repairing different roofing styles.
Regardless of whether you have a simple flat metal roof or something inspired by some swashbuckling adventures, it is important to seek repair services from the right people when damages occur. It is even more important if you have a complex roof design but don’t have the roof repair expertise to undertake DIY roofing project. Those who have ever needed a roofer in brooklyn to provide roofing services especially in emergencies know the importance of having a trusted roofer to call. Here are a number of things to remember when looking for the right person for your roofing needs.


Word of mouth is a powerful way of finding services you need. If you need a roofer especially if it is an emergency and you don’t have time to vet several candidates, asking your friends, neighbors and family is a quick way to find one. Other sources of references could include the yellow pages and trade union sites/offices.


Although it is important that the roof repair or replacement job fit within your budget, it important to get the best quality of service. Therefore, never let cost be your only deciding factor because failing to consider other factors can leave you vulnerable to roofers who may provide cheap service but leave you with regret.

Due diligence

Once you’ve found a few candidates, you need to vet each one. Try to gauge their roofing expertise and find out if they have repaired or replaced your type of roof before. Check the references provided. You should also conduct research to ascertain their liability insurance and licensure status, get an address and identification details. It is also important to sign a detailed contract with the roofer; covering the cost of the service, mode and time of payment, work schedule, responsibilities of each party including site cleanup, and other contract terms. You should also seek clarification whenever you have questions. This will not only keep you informed in the process; it will also help you detect undesirable qualities such as impatience and evasiveness.

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